Race Day Secret by REGENERATE is the only
equine enhancer you’ll need for your race horses

Race Day Secret is a unique formulation of supplemental additives to
provide optimal performance when your horses need it the most …
– and that’s during race times.

Anyone involved in training race horses knows, the race can be won or lost by a lack of preparation. The demands of racing for your equine athletes is the reason why Race Day Secret by REGENERATE developed this unique performance horse enhancer that meets the demands with special additives to provide optimal
support when your horses need it.

Suggested Usage
Simply dress 6oz of our highly palatable equine enhancer to your normal feed regime for optimal performance. If required, for peak performance you can add up to 1lb of our enhancer for a week prior to the race or event.

Medicago Sativa L meal, Glycine Max Meal, Vaccinium Cyanococcus

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