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With over 18 years of experience in growing blueberries, we know that they’re more than just pie-fillings and a quick snack.

Today Southern Press and Packing is now being run by a winning combination of third generation farmers, business experience and expertise gained from years of working in agriculture, growing their own blueberries. Shawn Davis and his wife Karey, have joined forces with Karey’s father Archie McKinnon to create Southern Press & Packing which is today, a truly family owned and run business. Their passion is focusing on Georgia locally grown farm products.

Shawn Davis and the team at Southern Press and Packing have developed a great tasting blueberry juice and is available to you in several top retail chains under the Regenerate label.

Regenerate blueberries is now a respected and trusted brand, which means that in-season farm fresh blueberries are also available in clamshells through Southern Press & Packing. 

So what is this to do with the Race Day Secret equine supplement? Well, Shawn Davis and his wife Karey don’t have much free time as you can imagine, with running the farm and packing. But when they do get away, they love racing horses. 

I’m always looking for a competitive edge, says Karey and this was the inspiration behind Race Day Secret. 

With all the research Southern Press and Packing and the University of Georgia carried out in establishing the nutritional health benefits of blueberries for humans, why not horses!

This was just the start of Race Day Secret as we know it today, it has taken a lot of research to get the formula right. Although it wasn’t rocket science when they started to see winning results, literally. In a short while they saw their horses get regularly placed and it was then they realized they could share the secret.

This is just the start, Southern Press and Packing are continuing to research and develop new products, but it all started with a little inspiration.

Southern Press and Packing, Inc.
1865 Peacock Dairy Road,
Blackshear, GA 31516


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